Life at Hatia

I joined Hatia in November 1998 . The work at station was exhausting. I never get breathing time between the multidirectional movement. I was supposed to coordinate between the 6 cabins operating at Hatia yard. There was (still is) good shed, loco shed, coaching complex, sick line and the yard master supervise these movements.

Mr A Prasad, was my incharge of station and my position was second in seniority. so whenever he is not available or on leave, I have to shoulder the duty of station manager.
Initially I was not provided a quarter and use to travel daily from Namkom to Hatia. But, soon i got a comfortable accomodation and shifted my family to this new place Hatia. Kids were progressing in studies and after shifting they where transfered from Kendriya vidyalaya Namkum to Kendriya vidyalaya Hinoo. Where they studied till 10th and 12th grade. Later, my eldest daughter Deepa joined Ranchi college for her Graduation and Post Graduation. My second daughter, Rupa joined Ranchi women’s college for higher studies and Ranchi University for Post Graduation.

Life gradually came on track professionaly and personally. But, my mother in Patna was not keeping well, she was headstrong to stay alone but due to her health we brought her to Hatia. She was enjoying her stay at Hatia with her grand children, when one fine mornig she fell and fractured her pelvic bone. She was operated and plastered but to our disappointment doctor told us that there is negligible chance of joining of pelvic bone at her age. So, we accepted the fact and with her will and determination soon she started limping movement. On insistance of my younger brother Nanhe, a second operation was done and a steel condyle was fixed in my moter’s body, the operation was unsuccesfull and the condyle had to be removed. From limping movement she was again confined to bed. She was unable to bear the pain and gave up on 25th December 2003. As per her last wish, we brought her body to Patna and cremated her at Bansghat, where my father was also cremated. This was not the end of our grief, soon we lost Grislee, who died of brain hemorrhage.

In 2002, I was working as an acting station manager in place of shri A Prasad who was on leave. I would like to mention one incident that took place that is, accident of rack of Hatia Gorakhpur Maurya express (5027 down), blocking the yard and up and down line.After this incident, the real crux of an operating man was at stake. I took over the situation on my head and allowed train operation with minimum detention, this step of mine was appreciated by one and all and it also highlighted my ability to work as an operating man in difficult situation. Soon, I was promoted as fulfill fleged station manager and took over the charge of the Hatia station on retirement of Shri A Prasad.
The second noteworthy incident was, marriage of Deepa, it started in Month of June 2003 and final acceptance come in June 2004. For Deepa’s marriage i took out money from my PF account and withdrew money from Urban Cooperative Bank. During this period, my son Prashant got selected at SPA Delhi in planning branch through NEET. To get his admission i have to fork out the savings and get him admitted.

Soon the marriage of Deepa got settled after long persuasion and negotiation with Amit ji at Dhanbad and materialized on 22nd November 2004.

In March 2003, a new division was created named as Ranchi division out of Adra division and Chakradharpur division and its headquarter was (is)at Hatia. As the division was just created , additional work of division also came on my shoulder, which added another feather in my cap along with additional responsiblity. My enthusiasm for work made me unchallenged and deserving for one and all. The door of DRM and other officers remained open for me and i was free to directly communicate with them.

After giving day-night to my work and marriage of Deepa, I was exhausted financially and physically. I needed some respite to regain strength and rejuvenation.

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